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South India Tour Packages

South India consists of four major states- Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Each province has its unique sculptural styles, languages, dances, festivals, traditions, cuisines and thus heritage. South India tours have been chalked out to showcase cultural richness of the region. South India tour packages aim at acquainting a visitor unique cultural aspects each state and at the same time providing opportunity to relax on the beaches of Goa.

The beautiful South! Almost untouched by foreign invasions, the Indian heritage is intact here as in any other region of the country. Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu is a bastion of Hinduism and the center of the traditional & classical Indian dance (Bharatnatyam) and Dravidian style of Hindu temple architectural style. The southern Indian state Tamil Nadu has, since the ancient times, been a trade centre. Tamil Nadu, effervescent and full of life, has magnificent temples with sky-high spires and beautiful promenade. Mahabalipuram, the "city of the five pagodas" scattered along the coast, the golden city of Kanchipuram, Tiruchirapalli and Madurai, one of the oldest cities in the region and a place of pilgrimage, are the temple town offering visitors a visual and an unforgettable charm.

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