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Optima India Tourism

If you are a curious & passionate traveler, Optima India Tourism, an inbound India tour operator, is a natural partner of your India tour. Optima India Tourism, a unit of Optima Travels Pvt. Ltd., is a New Delhi Capital Region (NCR) based inbound destination and travel management company, incorporated under the laws of the Land (India). For us, history is not inanimate. India tour itineraries, designed by Optima India Tourism, take a traveler not merely to famous historical ruins but also in the lives and secrets of some astounding characters whose brilliance, love, vanity and foolishness conspired to defy 'time'. We endeavour to impart rich travel experience – easy travel, fun travel, travel that re- energizes and transforms.

History alone doesn’t become heritage. India is replete with lot of monuments of gargantuan sizes, intricate carvings, finest of paintings and galore of architectural styles. Though watching them is a feast to the eyes but delineation of the human touch amidst the all good rocks that have been preserved makes the viewing a fulfilling experience. Optima India Tourism imparts this discerning input. While we tell you why you must go somewhere and how you must get there, we also whisper into your minds the personality types of the kings, queens and all those people who made a slice of a day gone by worth preserving. Ancient architecture, crafts, food, festivals and exotic India experiences are inter-woven in India tour packages.

Right from the ideation process to implementation of tours, we put in lot of research to glean destinations and their accessibility, keep tab on the tiniest details and instill subtle touches. Thus making India tour not only a travel experience but also a genuine pleasure, education and entertainment.

A Passion for Quality - No Compromise

Quality is not only our passion but the very ethos of Optima India Tourism. Whatsoever is put in writing is practiced with precision and human touch in reality. Since the very first interaction, every details about destinations, places or monuments to be visited, special activities, hotel types with names clearly mentioned, vehicle’s model and make, language tour guides etc are clearly mentioned and religiously provided. Tour operation involves lot of human input and thus remains prone to unexpected deviations. Having noticed it, we have developed uniquely Optima mechanisms to minimize human errors and unsavoury experiences. Best in class hotels, new comfortable cars and coaches, trained & reliable drivers, professionally knowledgeable and personally caring destination-specific tour guides, well- mannered and punctual representatives and 24X7 solution oriented customer care helpline help in eliciting exhilarating experiences for the guests on India tour with Optima India Tourism.

Listening Carefully & Implementing Religiously

We believe that scope of improvement in products and services always exist. Though, from the planning stage, we meticulously take care of even the minutest points but the lacunae between guest’s expectations and actual experience constantly guides us to improvise and improve. Our inclination to listen to our discerning guests results in perfectly customized India tour packages. We religiously take feedback of every guest at the end of the tour to find out what made him/her happy and the chinks to be plugged in for future tours. Throughout the tour, we remain in contact with the guests, constantly ensuring that their expectations are being met. Our India tour itineraries are seamlessly choreographed to maximize guests' time. Ultimately, when we describe our tour packages as ‘escorted tours’, we mean just that - we’re with you all the way to your chosen destination and back

Our Price Promise - No Hidden Costs or Surcharge

Integrity, transparency and customer satisfaction being our ethos, Optima India Tourism offers great value for money. The India tour itineraries clearly delineate the destinations and monuments to be visited, activities to be carried out, incredible India experiences interwoven, monument entrance charges, fuel surcharges, taxes etc. There are no hidden costs or surcharges. We don’t put in “optional” marks, like many other companies, adding to your overall cost. Since the very inception, Optima India Tourism is proud of practicing to deliver ‘value for money’ and never levying any surcharge – even when currency, fuel and more recently tax movements were excessive. Our ‘no surcharge’ guarantee means that whatever happens after booking, the price will not increase.

The Unique Optima Style

Being solely driven by the guest expectations and delightfulness, Optima India Tourism creates a real family ambience. Our attention to the guest makes him/her feel like ‘home away from home’ or ‘like travelling with family’. There’s so much to see and experience on our holidays and if you want to take part in everything that’s fine, but if not, that’s fine too. We always provide a leeway to our guest to explore any destination on his/ her own with/without earmarked sightseeing and activities. And probably, this freedom to explore is the hallmark of Optima.

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